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Revolution Begins Here

Oju Group is a global conglomerate consisting of multiple businesses mainly operating in travel and tourism system

Revolution Begins Here

Oju Group Oju Group Oju Group

Under this umbrella, Oju Hospitality Group focuses on hotel management, Oju Development Group focuses on tourism real estate development, Oju Coin Group focuses on cryptocurrency and blockchain. However, all companies under Oju Group work together in a seamless manner to achieve the same goals of world domination.

OjuT Coin being launched by Oju Coin Group, is recognised as “The ONLY Real Deal in Real Life”. It is the first Cryptocurrency in the world to be used on a massive scale in the travel industry on a daily basis.


Oju Hospitality Group is established on the world-renowned vacation paradise island in Phuket. Its sub-brand Oju Blue now owns or manages 105 properties with more than 300 rooms in Phuket.

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