OjuT now listed on AToken Wallet

AToken is delighted to announce the inclusion of OjuT on its comprehensive digital wallet platform, greatly enhancing exchange options for OjuT traders and owners alike and expanding its reach further across the globe. Technology leaders, AToken Ltd. are creators of China’s first multi-account digital app and wallet that now supports many popular currencies, digital assets [...]

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欧桔集团(Oju Group)很荣幸地宣布旗下OjuT(欧桔币)将于2018年7月7日在keepbtc.com交易所正式上市,面向投资新户特推出前所未有的“买一送一”限时优惠活动,通过持币网(keepbtc.com)购买OjuT并报名参加“买一送一”活动,即可百分百获奖。PS:活动时间为北京时间2018年7月7日12时至2018年7月31日12时,通过参与活动获取的奖励将于2018年8月分发至您的账户,奖励规则如下:促销期间OjuT的购买总量 - 促销期间OjuT的出售总量 = 奖励 现在OjuT已成功上线基于以太坊区块链技术的主流代币——ERC20,作为新兴数字资产,欧桔集团(Oju Group)始终致力于帮助投资者从中获益,伴随OjuT实用性的提升及使用范围的延伸,欧桔集团正在加速投资回报体系的建设。 想要了解有关OjuT的更多信息,敬请访问我们的官网https://oju.io/t/cn/或通过https://t.me/OjuTcoin加入官方电报群

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Oju Group announces OjuT- THE Travel Coin has been converted to run on ERC20 Ethereum as well as releases “DOUBLE-BUBBLE” Bonus Deal for a limited period only

Oju Group is delighted to announce that OjuT - THE Travel Coin, has now been successfully converted to run on the popular ERC20 Ethereum based blockchain. Owners will instantly benefit from its greater usefulness and fungibility as a digital asset. And also we're back with one of the biggest campaign for our Oju community “DOUBLE-BUBBLE” [...]

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