AToken Wallet announces plans to utilise IVN encryption technology to secure its range of digital wallets


Whereas blockchain and cryptocurrency products are still in their infancy, the security issues that accompany all digital asset storage and information transfers must always be the priority for tech companies and customers alike. ‘Trusted’ options are being replaced by ‘trust-less’ solutions.

AToken Wallet has turned to IVN quantum encryption technology for the ultimate in data security solutions. IVN Security recently offered a huge reward as it challenged all global hackers and IT experts to try to crack its sample code encrypted on its website using IVN 2. After thousands of attempts so far, the reward remains unclaimed.

AToken Co. Ltd. are China’s first producer of advanced digital wallets and its products are favoured by investors and traders alike. To learn more about IVN encryption technology visit

IVN Token


钱包,作为数字货币交易市场中重要的工具,其安全性一直都是各界关注的焦点。专注于互联网安全技术的IVN Security在Oju X交易平台合作之后, 今天再与由Oju Group欧桔集团投资的AToken数字货币钱包达成战略合作。


IVN Token



此前,IVN Security向全球黑客发出挑战,邀请IT高手前去官网破解一组使用IVN加密过的信息。据了解,截止目前为止,已有数万人应战,但尚未有人成功破解。



IVN Token

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