Oju Group’s collaboration with Atoken – The China’s first digital wallet

Oju Group

Oju Group

In December 2107, a month after receiving initial investment from an institutional investor, AToken, which specialises in blockchain technology, received a further ‘Angel Round’ investment from the Oju Group. AToken Limited developed China’s first digital wallet, featuring a secure and easy-to-use, built-in digital currency exchange. 

 Oju Group is a parent company with subsidiaries within the industries of hotel management, hotel property development, and blockchain technology, and manages a portfolio of luxury vacation property within one of the world’s premier holiday destinations, Phuket,Thailand.

Recently, the Group has been in fund-raising round to develop the world’s first crypto-themed hotel, where OjuT, the digital currency of the Group, will be the only accepted form of payment for hotel stay and services. In a move driven by business synergies, experience and background, Oju Group is now partnering with AToken Limited to gain a much stronger foothold in the digital wallet market. 

According to the founder and CEO of AToken Limited, Longfei Bian, funds raised from Oju Group will accelerate its business development. Recently AToken has released several updates on its digital wallet app, with the number of user accounts growing four-fold, and now with access to 60+ digital currencies in the market. Longfei Bian stated that the major competitive edge of the AToken digital wallet will be its:

  • Security – Seven levels of security guaranteeing safety and efficiency 
  • Variety of currencies – access to 60+ different digital currencies, with many more to come
  • Ease of use – simple and fast exchange among various digital currencies

Longfei Bian further quotes that,“The future of AToken Limited includes using the newly invested funds to continue the development of its products, enhancing user experience and interface. Further plans in development include an all-in-one wallet function allowing users to open a digital currency savings account.”

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