I’m ‘Soooooo’ happy you’re here!


Welcome friends!

Nice to meet you.

All my friends call me ‘So

‘Intergalactic time-traveller’.

Please, Don’t call me ‘Alien”.

Intergalactic time-traveller looks much better on my resume.

I am visiting your beautiful planet Earth, in what you call your ‘future’, many years from now……..



I am there to learn, to play and to travel. I especially love to play !!!

Please join me in my adventures into the future and share in my experiences along the way.

I hope we become great friends.


Maybe we have a lot in common. After all, at some stage we all just ‘landed’ on this remarkable planet.

And while we all try to live here in the present, most of us also have one eye on the future……..yes, I know, I only have one eye.


Welcome to my world !!!

I’m ‘Soooooo’ happy you’re here.

Telegram Sticker: t.me/addstickers/OjuSo










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