Oju X and IVN Security team up to secure world freedom


Quote of the day: “Data has become the new ‘Gold’ for Governments and Corporate bandits, and they’re all mining it”

As numerous insiders and former NSA whistleblowers have revealed, government agents and contractors, (often in collaboration with so-called private tech companies and social media platforms, many of which they had helped to fund and set up), are known to be able to access almost every new electronic device on the market. In other words, they were designed to be hacked to gather your data. From PCs to smartphones, to TVs, refrigerators, cars, and even airplanes, most can be accessed externally, hacked or even remote-viewed or taken over completely. And despite any privacy laws which may, on the surface, seek to protect the data owner, the reality is that the agencies capable of such invasions, operate in secret, above the control of any so-called legal oversight. So, what can we do to protect ourselves from our great protectors?


Enter IVN Security – Be a part of the solution


IVN Security is the culmination of a lifetime’s research by Founder, serial entrepreneur and IT genius, Wu Di, who went on to explain: “Data Security is the biggest challenge facing the world of digital information. If we can’t protect our own data from hackers, corporations or government agencies (these are inter-changeable entities), then we don’t have security at all – Not for our assets, our data, or for our personal freedoms. Data has become the new ‘Gold’ for Governments and corporate bandits, and they’re all mining it.”


Wu Di went on to explain, “Encryption has long been the key to protection, however even current encryption technologies can now be challenged by a new breed of quantum super computers. And who do you suppose has access to such devices?”



“The technology behind IVN Security is based on my many years of research into quantum physics. The encryption method used is so powerful that even quantum computers would be useless against it. In fact, even I, who invented IVN, could never break your encryption – And that’s the point. It’s not my data, it’s yours. Because most devices are designed with ‘back-doors’, they can be accessed. However, with IVN Security, the attacker enters the door to an infinite hall of mirrors. That’s all I can say about it right now.”


IVN Security and its partners will ensure that all our products and technologies are safe from data thieves, whoever they are.”


To learn more about IVN Technologies, please click https://ivnsecurity.com/


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