OjuT now listed on AToken Wallet

AToken is delighted to announce the inclusion of OjuT on its comprehensive digital wallet platform, greatly enhancing exchange options for OjuT traders and owners alike and expanding its reach further across the globe.

Technology leaders, AToken Ltd. are creators of China’s first multi-account digital app and wallet that now supports many popular currencies, digital assets and tokens. The wallet has become extremely popular with investors due to its high speed, ease of use and security features.

Followers and investors of the OjuT project are seeing great progress being made by the team all over the world to position itself among the most useful and innovating digital assets of the new blockchain era.

To follow the progress of OjuT – The Travel Coin visit: https://oju.io/t/ and join their Telegram group at: https://t.me/OjuTcoin

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