OjuT VS Bitcoin episode 01(欧桔大战比特币 第1集)

OjuT VS Bitcoin episode 01 – Do you want an ice cream?

When OjuT met Bitcoin….What’s going on?


The new era of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is here to stay, bringing not only truth and transparency into our lives with decentralised digital currencies like Bitcoin, but also innovative companies with new ideas, products, services and ways of doing business.

In this new era, there is room for everyone who’s products offer real value and usefulness. Bitcoin has real value as a store of value and, as the first real decentralised cryptocurrency, it has earned trust over several years, and benefited millions of users. However, its very size and protocols mean that transfer times can be be slow.

On the other hand, OjuT is being developed especially for real-time, near-instant transfers and payments across the globe. It is designed for real use, in real life, in real time. Different products, different uses. “Do you wanna ice-cream?”


OjuT VS BTC 中文版第一集





Have a look at Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2MMtp2Hb0Q

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