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AToken Wallet announces plans to utilise IVN encryption technology to secure its range of digital wallets

  Whereas blockchain and cryptocurrency products are still in their infancy, the security issues that accompany all digital asset storage and information transfers must always be the priority for tech companies and customers alike. ‘Trusted’ options are being replaced by ‘trust-less’ solutions. AToken Wallet has turned to IVN quantum encryption technology for the ultimate in data [...]

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Oju Group announces Oju X, a unique, self-developed exchange platform

The much anticipated, all new Oju X exchange has been officially released for its first operational phase, and developed as a unique cryptocurrency platform, which will expand to redefine what can be achieved within an integrated exchange, phone App and wallet system.   Oju Group founder, Wu Di explained: “Oju X is about ‘U’: Unique, Useful and Universal, putting ‘U’ (You) in control. Unique, meaning we develop secure, [...]

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Oju X and IVN Security team up to secure world freedom

  Quote of the day: “Data has become the new ‘Gold’ for Governments and Corporate bandits, and they’re all mining it” As numerous insiders and former NSA whistleblowers have revealed, government agents and contractors, (often in collaboration with so-called private tech companies and social media platforms, many of which they had helped to fund and [...]

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OjuT signs collaboration agreement with Skye Lake Club, to extend crypto usage to high-end Phuket dining venue

Following on from the signing of cooperation agreements between OjuT and Nicky Place, (Phuket's catering and transportation company), and Kenny Roger Roasters, (well known international restaurant chain), more and more local restaurants are positioning themselves for the fast developing transition into secure world of crypto-currency payments. The scope of OjuT's circulation is continuously expanding as forward-thinking businesses start to embrace the [...]

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OjuT VS Bitcoin episode 01(欧桔大战比特币 第1集)

OjuT VS Bitcoin episode 01 - Do you want an ice cream? When OjuT met Bitcoin….What’s going on?   The new era of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is here to stay, bringing not only truth and transparency into our lives with decentralised digital currencies like Bitcoin, but also innovative companies with new ideas, products, [...]

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I’m ‘Soooooo’ happy you’re here!

  Welcome friends! Nice to meet you. All my friends call me ‘So’ ‘Intergalactic time-traveller’. Please, Don’t call me ‘Alien”. Intergalactic time-traveller looks much better on my resume. I am visiting your beautiful planet Earth, in what you call your ‘future’, many years from now……..     I am there to learn, to play and [...]

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Oju Group signs letter of intent with an international restaurant chain – Kenny Rogers Roasters

Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant franchise in Thailand is the latest business brand to sign a letter of intent for partnership with Oju Group as OjuT spreads its message of One Coin, One Solution. The Group's forward-thinking businesses continue to embrace to the reality of a bright crypto future for the benefit of all mankind.     Kenny [...]

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OjuT Giveaway Airdrop

In order to cope with the overwhelming response and success of its massive 100 Million FREE Coin Giveaway Airdrop, OjuT, The Travel Coin, has recently upgraded its mail server, making it easier for applicants to claim their FREE OjuT Coins.   In just a few days since the Airdrop campaign was launched, membership of OjuT [...]

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Media Reception Of OjuT

Oju Group is proud to announce to the Phuket community, the creation of its own unique cryptocurrency to enable the global expansion of its successful property rental and property development businesses, from its base here in Phuket, Thailand. OjuT THE Travel Coin, has positioned itself as 'the only real deal in real life’ offering multiple [...]

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IT guru looks to deliver freedom via crypto-investment

READ Full Article Phuket-based Oju Group has launched its own cryptocurrency, OjuT (pronounced “oh-joo-tee”), in an ICO aimed at leveraging the company’s expansion, to be upheld by real-world assets. Yet for Wu Di, the founder and driving force behind the group, the ICO represents so much more – it is the means to fulfilling [...]

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Oju Group signs letter of intent for partnership with Phuket restaurant, catering and transportation group

Oju Group took another step towards the goal of One Coin, One Solution, with the signing of a letter of intent for partnership with the owner of Phuket transportation, catering and restaurant company; Nicky Place, Khun Niphan Prasankan. So, not only will owners of OjuT - The Travel Coin, be able to pay for [...]

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Harri Haanpää joined Oju Group for the world domination

Harri Haanpää has a 20-year background as a global business developer, Film Director and passionate story teller. He graduated in Finland with a Masters degree in New Media and business Leadership. As an entrepreneur and investor over the years he has developed international business and marketing strategies for unique and innovative brands. Harri is a highly creative [...]

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